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The sun is shining, the grass is green, it's Summertime, and the lickin' is easy. Sheri and Joshua venture outdoors for a picnic, and it quickly turns into an extremely erotic excusion. Josh's expert tongue gives new meaning to the phrase "eating out".
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Student lovers Imogen and Gary settle down for an afternoon of serious erotic study. Before long the purple sheets have ignited a purple passion, and Gary is using his tongue to pursue an in-depth survey of Imogen's dripping cunt.
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Bad boy rocker Felix may know how to coax incredible sounds from his guitar, but his real talent is backstage. Here he seduces Fern, a gorgeous fan, and shows just how a sizzling tongue solo should be performed...
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Amateur lovers Marie and Kevin only have eyes for each other. After some playful kissing, Kevin happily moves between Marie's legs and gives her a thorough tongue lashing, making her writhe in ecstasy...
Sample Story

"Don't worry, I'll get it," Ben said, surveying the carpet. "It must have gone under the table." Before I knew it he'd disappeared, sliding under the floor-length tablecloth in seconds.

"Have you found it?" I asked, and then caught my breath as I felt his hand trace its way underneath my skirt and up my thigh. "What are you doing?" I whispered urgently, looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was looking. The relatively small number of diners seemed to be uninterested, and the waiters were all in the kitchen.

Ben didn't reply. Instead he pushed my skirt up to my waist, and his fingers began to pry my panties to the side. My heart was thudding, but I was instantly turned on by what he was doing. I tried to unobtrusively slide down in my seat, opening my legs and giving Ben better access. I couldn't believe he was doing this, especially here in this uptight restaurant...

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